The result of turning away from the Lord 

King Hezekiah reminded the people how their fathers had turned away from the Lord, even shut down the activities of the temple, and the king explained that this was why Judah had suffered, 

“Therefore the wrath of the LORD fell upon Judah and Jerusalem, and He has given them up to trouble, to desolation, and to jeering, as you see with your eyes. For indeed, because of this our fathers have fallen by the sword; and our sons, our daughters, and our wives are in captivity” (2 Chronicles 29:8-9). 

That sounds so much like the western nations today, where Christianity once ruled! It is time for the nations to return to the One who once blessed us beyond measure. 

2 thoughts on “The result of turning away from the Lord 

  1. I fear that many, many people fail to understand how quickly we (the western culture) are exchanging a sure foundation for one built upon dominoes.

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