The sad words of Jesus 

Jesus revealed to His disciples that He was going away, and then said,

“But because I have said these things to you, sorrow has filled your heart” (John 16:6). 

We think of Jesus as uplifting and loving, but sometimes He spoke words that we do not want to hear, and the disciples did not want to hear that He was going away. If you had been one of them, and you had spent the last three and a half years with Him, seeing His marvelous miracles and hearing His wonderful words, would you have wanted to hear that He was going away? Yet, by going away, He could send them the Holy Spirit, and by going away, He can return again for what we call the Second Coming, which will mean the end of all things, and heaven for all the saved.
Therefore, in those senses, His going away was a good thing. 

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