Is America in decline?

by Richard Mansel, managing editor

When we read or watch the news of war and economic disaster, it is easy to get discouraged.

Millions have given up on finding work. In fact, an alarming 88 million people are not even participating in the work force./1 Combine that with the national debt nearing $16 trillion and we see that America is in a long, dark tunnel./2

In this election year, finger-pointing is a national pastime. Despite the economy, Congress has been as inactive as any in American history. Many Americans no longer feel that Washington has the nation’s best interest at heart.

What can we do? Who can we vote for to fix this mess?

Human beings are notoriously short-sighted. We search for someone responsible and throw rhetorical grenades at the incumbent or former President as the one responsible for the current malaise.

If we would step back and take a longer view, we would discover the real culprit. The villain of the story is inside the American mindset rather than in government.

Simply put, when welfare replaced work and the lottery replaced the American Dream, the United States began to decline.

If we couple that with the spiritual collapse of the nation, we see that these problems existed long before Presidents Bush and Obama came to office.

Selfishness and narcissism have consumed the nation. Politicians know they cannot get elected unless they bring in state and federal money into their districts. Accordingly useless projects are funded and billions of dollars are wasted.

They know they cannot win re-election without growing the government because a selfish populace will not allow it. Everyone screams about smaller government as long as their programs are not touched. It is madness.

If America will understand that God has a better way, the nation can begin to restore its former glory. Spiritually, the nation is dying. A revival is needed so that morality can become important again and souls can be returned to God (Ezra 9:8; 2 Kings 22-23; Psalm 33:12).

Americans cannot survive long in the future unless a spirit of work is restored to the nation (2 Thessalonians 3:10).

We must remember that welfare is not an inherent evil. Helping the poor is a command of God and when it works properly it is a wonderful thing (Psalm 140:12; Proverbs 19:17; Matthew 25:35-40; Deuteronomy 15:11, et al).

Nevertheless, the presence of the welfare system has created a spirit of dependency where generations of strong, healthy people have never held a job. They are content to live off the government and they have no motivation to change.

In fact, politicians are better off if these people continue on welfare so they can remain a permanent voting base. They are enslaving people for their own purposes.

The spirit that built this nation and won two world wars has degenerated into putting all of our faith in the lottery and hoping to find someone to sue for millions of dollars. It is pathetic.

Americans love the tons of material possessions that clutter up our homes without realizing that Americans made a very small percentage of them. What happened to this nation? Are we concerned? If so, what will we do about it?

We do not have a political problem, we have a spiritual problem and as long we ignore that fact, America will just get sicker.


7 thoughts on “Is America in decline?

  1. America has been in decline for a very long time. You are right the change is going to have to happen at the bottom and not the top. It has to start with us. Christians have not stood up for what is right for to long. The majority of Christians worry more about being politically correct than defending God’s word. I say we disconnect the cable/Hollywood all together and get back to the basics. Great article!

  2. On a lot of subjects I do not agree with you Richard..but on this one you are right on the money! Very well said..and SO true! We should be praying every day for Yeshua’s Blessings on this nation.

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