Restoration requires tearing down false ways 

As Josiah began a restoration movement in Judah, he removed the idolatrous priests who burned incense to the sun, to the moon, to the constellations, and to all the host of heaven (2 Kings 23.5). He also brought out an idol from the temple of God, and burned the idol at the Brook Kidron, grinding it to ashes (2 Kings 23.6). 
King Josiah even had to remove sodomites and their worship things from the temple of the God of heaven (2 Kings 23:7-8). 

Tearing down is not pleasant, nevertheless, like restoring a once great garden, weeds, stones, and other debris have to be removed, and so it is with our lives.
When you restore yourself to the Lord, be sure to remove every false way within you that offends the Lord, and then you shall have good success in rebuilding your life. 


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