by Paula Harrington

I traveled with a group of fifth graders recently to Frankfort, Kentucky and toured the Commonwealth’s old Capitol building.

Built in 1827, by native Kentuckian Gideon Shryock, the building has a most unique feature, a self-supporting marble staircase.

A keystone weighing approximately 1000 lbs sits at the top holding the steps in place. It is a sight to see as the entire staircase appears as if it is unsupported.

Although the largest stone looks like all the others, it’s much different. If one wasn’t aware of the great strength and importance of that stone, you might not notice it at all. It does quite well at blending in, but the staircase wouldn’t be there if that stone didn’t bear the weight for the others.

As the tour guide made his speech about that keystone, my mind drifted to my keystone.

Christ sits at the top, holding my mess of a life together. He is supportive, stable, and provides the way to Heaven. He takes the little I have to offer and works wonders. He came to this world and blended in, yet was much different from those around him. Many didn’t recognize him for who he was. However, there were some who knew that he was the key to life.

The world will offer many keystones. It will try to sell us the lie that money will sustain us. It will tell us that if we devote ourselves to our career, it will advance us.

The world promises that if we had the best looks, that certain person, or material possession our life would be better. It tricks us into thinking that this life is about our pursuits and it will do all it can to squeeze Christ out of the mix.

Choose the keystone who offers peace and mercy. The supporter who loves people, forgives them for their shortcomings and sees us, not for our bad decisions, faults, or sins, but as children of God, dearly loved and always accepted.

Trust the one who never fails and never wavers. The eternal keystone who holds our lives together when we can’t see the way and works our trials out for good. He is mighty to save (Zephaniah 3:17).

Stay on the path that is taking you higher and closer to God. Choose Jesus.

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