Making him known

by Paula Harrington

Have you heard the joke about the lady with the What Would Jesus Do? bumper sticker on the back of her car? She pulled up at a stop light and when the car in front of her didn’t take off immediately when the light turned green, she proceeded to scream, cuss, and beat her horn.

The police officer in the car behind her noticed the sticker on her bumper and pulled the lady over, assuming she had stolen the car.

I’ve heard that several times and still can’t bring myself to laugh. It’s just not funny when God’s children leave the church building and act like the world.

While Jesus walked this earth he made himself known.

At the wedding, he changed the water into wine (John 2:1-10). In the temple, he drove out the merchants (John 2:15). In the darkness of night, he uttered those life-changing words to Nicodemas (John 3:16).

In Samaria, he asked the woman at the well for a drink (John 4). In Nain, he gave a precious son back to his mother (Luke 7:15). While on a mission, he made the lame walk (John 5:9), the blind see (Matthew 9:30), and the deaf hear (Mark 7:35). At the cross, he changed the world.

The Son of God had no problem making himself known to his followers. Yet, his followers didn’t always do that great of a job making him known to others.

We have been known to rage on the roads fussing at other drivers. In the grocery stores, we furiously push our carts down the aisle hoping to be first in line. We’re rude to the waitress, lie to the telemarketer, and skimp on our giving.

We can’t even get along with each other as we draw lines of fellowship and label those who don’t agree with us on all issues, false teachers. We profess our love for Christ while flirting with the world and, sadly, the world has noticed.

Christians, it’s our responsibility to make Jesus known, not in the way we’ve sometimes been known to do, but in the way he expects us to. Show his compassion by loving others. Show his mercy by forgiving others. Show his commitment by going that extra mile.

In a desperate and hurting world:

  • Show them hope exists.
  • Smile.
  • Be positive.
  • Be encouraging.
  • Be the light.

Tell the world what God has done for you (Psalm 105:1). Let them in on where you were and where he’s brought you. God has made your story remarkable.

Tell others about it.

  • Text it.
  • Facebook it.
  • Blog it.
  • Twitter it.
  • Shout it from the rooftops.

Let God be praised!

One thought on “Making him known

  1. “It’s just not funny when God’s children leave the church building and act like the world.” What if we still met in homes to worship & study together? (like the first Christians did) What if we still did that daily? (like the first Christians did)

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