The child of Zacharias and Elizabeth 

John was not the Christ, but there were usual events surrounding his birth. When it came time for his birth, all the relatives knew what they wanted to name the baby, but Elizabeth told them it would be John. 

So the relatives questioned Zacharias, who was mute from disbelieving the prophecy from Gabriel about John. When Zacharias wrote that the baby boy’s name was John, Zacharias could speak again and he praised God. How did people react to this? 

“Then fear came on all who dwelt around them; and all these sayings were discussed throughout all the hill country of Judea. And all those who heard them kept them in their hearts, saying, ‘What kind of child will this be?’ And the hand of the Lord was with him” (Luke 1:65-66). 

Something wonderful was happening in the land of Israel in those days, and we get to read about it. 

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