Israel possessed the land of the giants 

Moses described to Israel the land that he divided to them on the East side of the Jordan, and he referred to a particular place as, “the land of the giants” (Deuteronomy 3:12-17; note verse 13, which some translations have as Rephaites, or the land of Raphaim). Thirty-eight years earlier Israel believed they could not take the Land of Canaan, because giants dwelt there, yet, just before Moses died, he reminded them that they already possessed a land previously occupied by giants, whom Israel had subdued in battle. 

The issue was not whether people were giants, but did Israel have faith in God that even as He had delivered them from Egypt, so He could defeat the giants and give their land to Israel. 

Friends, when I read the New Testament, I see the Lord also promising us great things, but I also hear Christians talk as though we are already defeated. 

If the Lord could help Israel then, He can help the church now. The question is not His ability or willingness, but whether we have faith in Him. 

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