Remaining silent out of embarrassment  

We last saw Peter proposing to make three tabernacles, one for Jesus, one for Moses, and one for Elijah, because Peter did not know what else to say when he witnessed the awesome transfiguration of Jesus. Later in Mark 9, he and his fellow apostles were arguing over who was going to be the greatest in the kingdom, but Jesus questioned them about their conversation, because although He was not right there with them, hearing what they said, He did truly hear what they said. 

Mark then writes, 

“But they kept silent, for on the road they had disputed among themselves who would be the greatest” (Mark 9:34). 

This time Peter, along with the eleven, was silent. However, he should have spoken, or one of the other apostles should have spoken, and confessed what they had been arguing over. 

There is a time to speak and a time to remain silent. Wise is he who knows when to do each. 

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