From 46,500 to 43,730 

The first numbering of the tribe of Reuben yielded a population of 46,500 (Numbers 1:21). Toward the end of the forty years of wandering the number was 43,730 (Numbers 26:5-7). 

It appears that Reuben had lost 2,770, but in truth Reuben had lost 46,500, because the Lord promised that the men who disbelieved the good report of Joshua and Caleb would all die in the wilderness, and the biblical story shows that happened. 

Therefore, Reuben had truly gained 43,730 during those years in the wilderness. Would that new number learn from their fathers, and not disbelieve the promises of God, but march forth even in the face of insurmountable odds? 

Do you believe the promises of God? If so, are you showing it by the way you live? 

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