The Church

by Paula Harrington

Church isn’t what we do or where we go, it’s who we are. So isn’t it time to stop complaining about or viewing it as a man-made establishment that meets once a week, a country club, if you will, that exists to cater to and entertain us?

  • If you want a church who loves others, then start loving others.
  • If you want a church who is forgiving, then forgive those who have wronged you.
  • If you want a church who is kind and friendly, then go out into the world and be kind and friendly.
  • If you want a church that looks like Jesus, then show others Jesus. Don’t forget that Jesus was always among the people, getting to know them and making a difference in their lives.
  • If you want a church where you feel like you belong, then realize that you do belong. Get involved. Teach a class, work in the nursery, write a card, or make someone a dinner. Brighten someone’s day. Don’t wait to be invited. Just do it.
  • If you want a congregation who helps the hurting, then find them and talk to them, hug them, and pray with them. You won’t have to look far.

Church isn’t about fire & brimstone or seeing how many people we can send to Hell.

Church isn’t about politics.

It’s not about a podium or a preacher or a song leader who may or may not sing the songs we like.

It’s not a place we check into on Sundays out of guilt or tradition.

It has its problems & faults because it has its humans. We will disappoint each other. We will, at times, discourage each other but Christ won’t fail us. It’s him, we must cling to him.

Church is a family of followers who fail, backslide, and don’t always love like they should or forgive like they could. It’s a group of believers who may not always agree on every single issue but it’s a group of believers who are headed to the same destination.

Don’t get so caught up in your own journey that you fail to assist others in theirs.

If you want a better church, then be better. The world needs a revolution and it will start in and through the church. No excuses, whether you’re in or out of the building, be the church.

9 thoughts on “The Church

  1. I’ve read from more than 1 source that the first followers of Christ were referred to as “the way”. The nuance being that their life was about walking what they believed. Good article. God has to smile when He thinks about you.

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