Modest men for modest women

Legions of articles and sermons have been delivered to the Lord’s church about the dangers of immodest women.

However, a glaring oversight has occurred and we must take steps to rectify this mistake. It is time that we honestly discuss the problem of male immodesty. We have ignored this for far too long while men tempt women spiritually, causing problems with their Christian walk.

It is true that men are generally visual and women are largely emotional. Yet, women are also visual and lust is a serious temptation to them (Matthew 5:27-28). God gave them sexual desires just as he did men. Do their brothers in Christ care?

Women love the sight of the opposite gender just as men do. While it is true that men and women’s bodies are vastly different, this issue is still important to women.

Partial male nudity has been accepted for so long that few men give it any thought. Like no time in American history, our culture is consumed with sex.

It is everywhere and touches all of us, including women. Society is pushing women to be more aggressive sexually and many are giving in to the temptation. Countless romance novels feature covers with shirtless men for a reason.

When men do not have on a shirt, it is very tempting to women. When a TV show or movie has their male stars take off their shirts, women are very eager to watch.

Men need to do their best to cover their bodies so they can help their sisters in Christ. Tight, revealing clothing is not suitable for Christian men or women. Male nudity needs to be addressed in pulpits in the Church.

Be aware that showing your underwear is a serious problem. Do not wear sexually suggestive messages on your clothes. Think of something larger than yourself and be gracious to the godly women in the Lord’s Church.

Men, give thought to what you wear because modesty is a two-way street (Ephesians 4:1; Romans 12:1-2). How can we expect women to correct their problems if we refuse to admit that we have them? Do we care for their souls like we insist they be concerned for ours?

Step up and be men of God, not of the culture.

5 thoughts on “Modest men for modest women

  1. For way too long we have held up this double standard- thanks for addressing this issue.

  2. It not the same for women. Looking at a man shirtless or showing there draws does not tempt women..Like a man see’s a women low cut blouse or tight fitting jeans, also those short shorts..Where is the parents who let there daughters dress so sparingly..This must have been a man who wrote this article..Women hear it all the time jn church, but don’t listen.
    My parents did not have to teach me. I had enough sense to care myself..

    1. I completely disagree. Women ARE tempted by mens’ bodies! Thanks for your comments.

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