The bridge

by Paula Harrington

News raced through my community recently when a local, well-traveled bridge was struck by a large cargo ship. The collision caused such an impact that a section of the bridge collapsed. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Not being a fan of bridges, it reminded me of the day I traveled over the Seven Mile Bridge in southern Florida. I remember stealing a glance at the choppy waters below every now and then, but the road above had very little traffic. Even though what was going on below was chaotic, the drive itself was peaceful.

Earthly bridges aren’t built to last forever. However, thousands of years ago, the Creator formed a bridge between God and man in a relationship so powerful that regardless of what it encountered, it would never crumble. We are connected to the King of Kings. The one who stilled the storms and raised the dead loves us.

What comfort in such unsettled times!

Jesus helps us pass over times of guilt, fear, and weakness. He gives courage, strength, and resolve. He chases doubt away, offers forgiveness, and never forsakes. Earthly bonds will break. They will tumble under pride, lust, lies, and selfishness but God’s bridge is faithful and stronger than steel.

Our father gave us a peaceful route to travel this road. He never said there wouldn’t be trials, disappointments, or heartaches. Nor did he promise a life without temptations or failures.  He did, however, guarantee a perfect and permanent way.

Too many people connect themselves to the world. Some well-meaning Christians even connect themselves to the church and then when someone disappoints them or something upsets them, they walk away. We must first, connect ourselves to Christ and then to his people.

Don’t get discouraged, Jesus will get us to our destination. All we have to do is stay on course (2 Timothy 4:8).

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