Tomorrow's heaven shaping today

by Barry Newton

Knowing that a major test at school is coming up, my boys prepare by studying hard.

Aware that a hard freeze is about to strike plummeting overnight temperatures, I wrap exposed faucets and cover cold sensitive plants.

Realizing Christians possess the salvation of an incorruptible heavenly inheritance tomorrow, the apostle Peter issued five commands to shape how Christians must live today. Peter’s five-fold prescription in 1 Peter 1:13-2:3 encapsulates daily living as a disciple: “set your hope,” “become holy,” “live in reverence,” “love one another,” and “yearn.” The life Peter insists Christians live is one lived out in view of the final destination. Holiness replaces pursuing evil urges.

Revering God displaces both distorted perceptions of the Judge as well as ungratefulness. Genuinely seeking the well-being of others is only to be expected from those whom God has purified. And finally, a deep thirst for God’s word spurs the disciple toward greater maturity.

Show me someone whose spiritual life is derailed, I can point to someone who is failing in many if not all of these five points. On the other hand, show me a spiritually mature disciple of the Lord and I can tell you five things about him or her.

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