An old commandment that is new

John said that he did not write a new commandment, but one that we have always had. Then again, he said that he was writing a new commandment(1 John 2:7-8).

The commandment is old, but it is new! How can it be old and new?

He did not reveal anything new. They had heard it before. You have heard it before. Why then did John repeat what they already knew and what we already know?

The nature of this old commandment makes it ever new!

Which commandment could John possibly have meant? He wrote that it was the one we have had from the beginning. God has always wanted His people and the world to keep this commandment.

What is it? John wrote that it was the word which we have heard from the beginning. When you hear it again, you will know that from the time you first became a Christian this was a commandment.

It is old because Moses revealed it in the Old Testament. It is new because when Jesus entered the world He took this commandment and gave it greater intensity than it had during the Law of Moses!

This commandment, either in the old form or the new form, never wears out, but it is fresh and powerful every day.

John wrote in First John 2:8 that this commandment is new because it is true in Christ and it is true in us. If something is true it is old because it has always been true, but it is new because it is now and always will be true.

Moreover, John wrote in verse 8 that this commandment is true because the darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining.

Therefore, this commandment abides. Darkness fades. God’s commandments do not fade. Truth is light.

Therefore, the truth of this commandment remains.

Do you know what commandment John wrote about, and do you know Jesus intensified what Moses had delivered?

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