Commercial appeal: carry it forward

There is a series of adverts (commercials) that take up the idea of carrying a good deed forward. Have you seen them?

Someone carries out an act of thoughtfulness – holding the door open for a blind person. That act of kindness is observed by a woman who in turn helps a neighbor rake leaves. Yet another person observes the leaf-collecting couple and in turn picks up documents that have fallen from a harried businesswoman’s brief case.

The motto is: “Pass it (that is, the thoughtful deed) on.”

It’s certainly a lesson a Christian might learn. Look around you. Is there an elderly person who needs some company? A Christian who needs encouragement? A child who might enjoy a high five and the gift of a little time?

I’ll just be blunt: at what point in our lives do we notice that there are other people out there who need our help?

I understand that two-year-old children know only their own desires, pains, and want them taken care of right now! But if you are reading this article, I suspect you are older than two!

At what point do we begin to notice other’s needs and take the time to help?

Jesus’ principle is so simple, so true, and so effective:

“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also for them, for this is the Law and the prophets” (Matthew 7:12).

How would I like to be treated? Can I start a craze of helping others out? Can I pass this craze on when I see it? This implies the ability to extricate ourselves from the mire of our own self-indulgence and help others.

Are you ready? Then pass it on!

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