The cherubim

Ezekiel saw magnificent things in chapter 10. Compare this chapter with the first chapter.

The prophet saw four wheels by the cherubim, and the wheels had the color of beryl stone. The cherubim could travel in any direction; although they did not turn aside when they went, because they had wheels pointed in all directions.

The cherubim were full of eyes all around on every part of their bodies. Each cherub had four faces: one that looked like a cherub, another that looked like a man, another that looked like a lion, and the fourth one had a face like an eagle (Ezekiel 10:9-14).

I believe these cherubim represent the Four Gospels, and if that be so, then the Bible is showing us how the Father looks at these proclamations of His Son Jesus Christ.

He sees them as glorious and mighty.

What do you think of this chapter?

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