He never made the front page of the local newspaper or saw his name in lights. No one ever wore his name on the back of a jersey or read a book he had penned. His final days weren’t in a grand, sprawling mansion and there was never enough money in his checking account.

However, a young man from central Arkansas who at twenty-seven was told that he had a terminal illness, made a lasting impression on a teenage girl. I know because a few days ago and thirty years after my father’s death, she wrote a beautiful note about him.

You can imagine my surprise this week when I read a message from the woman who had been a teen at the small country church where my father preached. She told of the way he had influenced her and after all these years, still thinks of him from time to time. I appreciate her taking the time to remind me of what a good man he was.

My father wasn’t a youth minister but that didn’t keep him from spending time with the youth in the congregation where he preached in the early 70s.  He loved kids and took a vested interest in their lives.

The influence he made on people of all ages has lasted through the ages and I’m confident it will continue through eternity. My father’s legacy was one of deep love and abounding faith.

What are you leaving behind? Is it a life of faith like those in Hebrews 11 who never surrendered to their trials? Are you fighting life’s battles with dignity and grace? Are you watching what you say and how you say it? Are you taking the time to encourage a brother or sister?

Leave a legacy of love and encouragement to your friends and family and remember, the greatest legacy isn’t engraved on monuments but lovingly written on hearts.

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  1. Short life, lasting impact. Your dad sounds like someone Gabe Lyons (The Next Christians) would call a “restorer.” Loved this article, Paula.

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