It is still the word of God

Jeremiah received the word from God, and the prophet dictated it to his friend Baruch, and he in turn would read it to the people when Jeremiah was not able to do so,

“And Jeremiah commanded Baruch, saying, ‘I am confined, I cannot go into the house of the LORD. You go, therefore, and read from the scroll which you have written at my instruction, the words of the LORD, in the hearing of the people in the LORD’s house on the day of fasting. And you shall also read them in the hearing of all Judah who come from their cities’” (Jeremiah 36:5, 6).

Jeremiah hoped that the people would repent and present their supplication to the Lord, and Baruch did as Jeremiah instructed, and some of the people responded favorably, but the king did something horrible, cutting in pieces and burning the scroll (Jeremiah 36:5-8).

Although the word went from the Lord to Jeremiah to Baruch to others who heard him read Jeremiah’s writings, and those people then read it before the king, it was still the word of God with as much as power as when it originated from the Lord.

What we have today in the Scriptures is just as powerful as when the Lord first spoke it and the prophets and apostles wrote it down.


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