It’s complicated

One of the most used phrases on the Internet to describe a relationship is “It’s complicated.” Many people live complicated lives, made so because they have avoided God’s wisdom and sought to direct their own lives.

That’s why I like the Common English Bible rendering of Ecclesiastes 7:2, “See, this alone I found: God made human beings straightforward, but they search for many complications.”

And don’t we have a knack for getting ourselves into complicated situations?!

Tolstoy opens his novel, Anna Karenina, with this memorable line: “All happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Man has invented more ways to be unhappy than he can count. So having complicated relationships and complicated lives is no modern phenomenon.

The big question people are asking is, how do I move out of a complicated life to a simplified, “straightforward” existence?

The answer is simple.

Follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Obey him in all things. Know the will of God and do it. Don’t give him partial obedience, nor hold back part of your heart, nor divide yourself between God and another.

Believe him. Trust him. Turn from the complicated lifestyle to confide your past, present, and future to him. Imitate him.

Remember that you can’t keep on doing what you’re doing and expect things to change.

If, as so many are heard to say, that “something has to give,” why not let it be that human tendency to complicate life? Why not give up the hatred, the prejudice, the envy, the frustration — okay, here it comes, the sin, that makes a mess of your best efforts?

We talk about messing up royally. Why not talk about repairing things royally, by putting the King of kings in charge?

After all, he made us “straightforward.” So he can straighten us out again.

2 thoughts on “It’s complicated

  1. There just aren’t enough like buttons on this page to express how much I like this editorial and how much I think it should fuel us to think!

  2. Thanks, John, you’re very kind and generous in your praise. If I can help one person caught in the web of complicated living to catch a glimpse of the simplicity and wholeness of life in Christ, that will give me great joy.

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