Steve Jobs: death of a tech icon

Eternityby Sean Hochdorf, Tanzania Missions

I am a Mac user. I love everything about my Mac: its sleek design, the way it just works when I plug something into it or connect to a hotspot.

Viruses? Almost non-existent, and where they do exist is only because of Apple’s increased popularity over the past few years.

Spend any amount of time with me and eventually “The Mac” will come up. You could say I am a Macanista.

For Macheads, October 5, 2011, was a sad day. Steve Jobs finally succumbed to a long battle with cancer.

Jobs was a billionaire, obviously blessed with the ability to communicate effectively. He had the rare quality of vision, something lacking in the majority of so-called leaders today. He brought Apple back from its rocky days in the 90s to make it a debt-free superpower in the world of technology.

In addition to wonderful computers, he introduced the iPod, iPhone, and the iPad, three devices that have changed the way the world operates. He was named CEO of the decade by Forbes magazine, and the list could go on. By every mark of society he was successful.

Ironically, the day before Jobs’s death, I bought a t-shirt that says the following:

Looking for truth, happiness & purpose in life? There’s not an APP for that, There’s a savior.

With all his success, Jobs didn’t have time for the God who blessed him with so many talents. At news of his passing, I could not help but think that eternity has just begun for a man who, while living, could have used his untold abilities to serve the Creator.

Do the billions matter now? Does the creation of a technology empire matter now? We know the answer. Sad indeed.

What about us? Have we been blessed with talents and abilities that are being squandered on a world that will burn up in the end? Or are we using our blessings to bring glory to God and store up for ourselves treasures in our eternal home?

If today is the day that your soul enters eternity, what would be your legacy? Did you build a successful empire? Change the world with your products? Or did you use your life in service to the eternal Judge?

Steve Jobs’s passing serves as a good reminder that there is no success without a faithful life spent in service to God.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it” (Psalm 127:1).

Sean Hochdorf is raising funds to return to Arusha, Tanzania, in order to resume working with the Andrew Connally School of Preaching.

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  1. I was in the middle of writing my own, similar take on Jobs when I checked FB and saw your article (posted by Mike Benson). Great piece; well said, my brother. Jobs was at once an example of tremendous success and tragic failure.

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