Can God do anything?

Nature of Godby Rick Kelley, minister, Prestonsburg KY

We cannot help but smile at our children’s innocent attempts to do what all of us do — to reduce the infinite power God to a finite package we can comprehend: “God could take this banana and turn it into a frog!”

Jesus did say that with God all things are possible (Mark 10:27).

God’s power, however, is limitless only to the degree that it does not contradict either his holy nature or perfect will.

This is why “creating a rock so heavy that even God couldn’t lift it” is a useless statement concerning the power of God. Doing such a thing is absurd, and is not God’s concern. Same goes for bananas and frogs.

Have you ever stood in the store with your child clamoring, “C’mon, Dad, don’t you have five bucks?” The issue is not whether or not I have $5 (the power, as it were). The question is whether or not I am willing to spend it on a toy.

I impose a limitation. Why? I do that because there are occasions on which I cannot justify the purchase. To justify implies a code — a moral code, in fact. It is the guiding sense that overrules the impulse to do what we initially feel.

While God does not need impulse control, the illustration serves its purpose. God’s character is the absolute check-and-balance system of the universe.

God does whatever he wills, and his will is perfectly just.

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