I confess my selfishness

How clear to me, Lord — I confess,
My life consumed by selfishness;
What good to satisfy the flesh
And crucify the Christ afresh?

To take each step for self-desire
Offends your grace, provokes your ire;
So cleanse the heart of every trace
Of all that’s vile, corrupt, and base.

Stoke anew that righteous zeal
To do your will, for others’ weal;
Lord, make this day, for posterity,
Matter for eternity.

by J. Randal Matheny

2 thoughts on “I confess my selfishness

  1. To put off ones self for his glory to bubble up our spirit has to be daily in a world of instant gradification. The reward of saying not I lord but you,is more the test of knowing we are loved and not worthy but accepted even as he cleanses our hearts of selfish ways. Lord your strength is my path to knowing all your precepts. I thank you for your forgiving nature and pure love wich is unfathomable still to me and all of your saints.

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