On the lookout

We were pulling into our drive-way recently when my animal loving daughter shouted, “Go slow! I want to see if the bunnies are out.”

Now, we’ve had a lot of pets through the years. Dogs, cats, turtles, butterflies, fish, even a hideous hermit crab or two but we’ve never had rabbits. After I reminded her of that fact, she told me about the family of rabbits that have made our yard their home.

When I remarked that I had never seen them, she wisely replied, “But Mom, you’re never looking for them. You have to be looking for them to see them.”

Some go through their entire life and never learn what my youngest already has–what you’re looking for determines what you see.

Do you know anyone who is constantly negative? It doesn’t matter what happens to them, even something wonderful, they love to focus on the downside. What about someone who is overly dramatic? Their crisis-oriented thinking will spill into every avenue of their life and can threaten yours, as well.

But those who have their eyes fixed on Jesus come with a smile and a hope that no one and nothing can take away.

  • Job never lost sight of God even through all his despair (Job 1:20-21).
  • Joshua and Caleb saw him when others were overcome with doom and gloom (Numbers 13:27-30).
  • A giant didn’t block the sight of God from David’s view (I Samuel 17:45-47).
  • Paul, even with all his trials, kept his eyes on Jesus and our final reward (Philippians 3:13-14).

These men of faith could see past what was right in front of them. When others were focused on the here and now, their vision was eternal.

Don’t let problems get between you and your Father. Surround yourself with God’s people. Draw strength from those who don’t let life block their Heavenly view (2 Corinthians 4:18).

Constantly, be on the lookout for Jesus and don’t be surprised when and where you might see him.


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