Born for the jump to eternity

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• For the first time in our married life, we finally took a two-week vacation. We spent it, gloriously, with family, mainly for my dad’s 80th birthday and our gorgeous granddaughter’s first. It’s the first stateside trip (we live in Brazil, for the newbies) from which I actually returned home rested and refreshed.

• There is something, after all, to the cycle of work and rest, not only weekly, but yearly. The Jews had their periodic feasts lasting seven and eight days. Each feast had its reason for commemoration, but all provided a break from the routine of work.

• We’re glad to have Mike Benson writing again for his Fidelity column. And it saddens us to lose John Henson writing on Christian Evidences. But you can still be blessed by John’s writings on The Fellowship Room.

• Over 1,200 attended the Sunday morning meeting at Polishing the Pulpit in east Tenn., say the tweets, quoting the official announcement by Allen Webster. A figure we’d seen that gave over two thousand for the number of participants is unconfirmed.

• For what were we born? Some say we were born to live, though the ambiguous statement doesn’t clarify what kind of life. Certainly not for this earthly life of pain and woe. Some, I among them, have said we were born to die, since from the day of birth we move toward the day of death. Though that isn’t accurate, either, because God did not create us for death. (Though there is a sense in which that’s true; it was very true of Christ.) Might we say then we were born for the jump to eternity? Know what I mean?

• Paul’s exemplary experience is also ours: “our Lord’s grace was abundant, bringing faith and love in Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 1:14 NET). Since the love of Christ constrains us, we can only respond with faith toward God and love for him and for our fellowman, desiring and working toward the salvation of all. Paul has been speaking of God “putting me into ministry” (verse 12). All this is exercised “in Christ Jesus” the delicious realm where every godly activity is realized and to which faith and love are intrinsic.

• As the world appears to crumble into chaos, peace still permeates the Kingdom of God. “Grace and peace” became the Christian greeting, for we belong to the God of peace and to Jesus as the Lord of Peace. A fruit of the Spirit is peace. Ours is the gospel of peace. So we have peaceful hearts, resting in the heavenly Father who protects our treasures and guarantees the fruit of our labor. “Peace to all of you who are in Christ” (1 Peter 5:14).

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