Worthy of the search

“An excellent wife, who can find? She is far more precious than jewels” (Proverbs 31:10, ESV).

Most of us are aware of Solomon’s description of the Worthy Woman in Proverbs 31. And we probably also can identify a woman we know who fits that description aptly.

The image I have is of my mom in Rhodesia, when I was a little boy, splitting wood with a hand ax (this later became my chore) and putting the wood in a wood stove.

I can still conjure up in my memories the aroma of wood and smoke, bacon and eggs. Make no mistake, when you hear of missionaries going to exotic lands to do the Lord’s will, the real heroes were heroines — their wives!

An exotic country loses its magic when you are the woman trying to raise two children in a thatch and mud home, cooking over wood and being in constant terror of boomslangs and cobras!

You don’t leave the comforts and safety of a home in the United States and go to these places without a powerful, underlying motivation. And this, Mom had. She made Dad a better man. She soothed his fears, provided the foundation for his work and sacrificed a great deal. And the motive that drove her on was her dedication to God.

Here, indeed, was a worthy woman, rare as rubies, hard to find, but well worth the search!


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