Regal rooster

“Three things are stately in their tread; four are stately in their stride: the lion, which is mightiest among beasts and does not turn back before any; the strutting rooster, the he-goat, and a king whose army is with him, (Proverbs 30:29,30, ESV).

There was a bully at school named Larry who put his index finger on my chest before math class once and declared: “As soon as school’s over,” he dug harder into my chest, “I’ll meet you by the bridge and beat you to a pulp.”

Well, I did the prudent thing; I went home another way.

But apparently bullies have memories, because he caught me on the way to school the next day. He was twice my size, and he had four or five buddies grinning in anticipation.

I thought to myself, “Well, I may as well get the first swing in.” So I hit him under the chin (I am not recommending this course of action, just recalling what happened that day!)

He fell over, assumed the fetal position, and started to cry!

The wise man says something similar. Notice that these “stately” creatures are given in diminishing order of regalness; the lion is indeed regal, the rooster less so, the goat even less than that.

Finally there is the picture of a king — big and brave and powerful — as long as his army is around him for protection. Even a rooster or a billy goat is more impressive than a king who is not willing to lead his people from the front.

Churches, countries and communities need leadership. Real leaders lead from the point position, not from the grandstand or the critic’s corner.

One thought on “Regal rooster

  1. Good article- I thought this might go well with it.

    Mr Rooster by David Courington

    The old red rooster is oh so proud,
    Why, nothing in the barnyard is quite so loud,
    Crowing in the mornin’ at the break of day,
    He’s bound to be heard, just to have his way.

    And when his is not crowin’, wakin’ everybody up,
    He is struttin’ round the barnyard, prouder than a pup,
    His day is mostly filled with eating corn for food,
    He has little concern for another in the brood.

    While the hen is takin care of the little chicks all round,
    All the rooster’s doin’, is makin’ that “Cock A Doodle Do” sound,
    She is producing the all the eggs, that make the farmer’s pay,
    While he is doing nothing, but shouting out all day.

    Mr. Rooster might remember as he glories in his flock,
    What he produces in the pen may come as quite a shock,
    The main way he contributes to the meal his master eats,
    Is when he’s cooked with dumplin’s, to make a family feast.

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