A lamp to walk by

WordThe world lies in darkness and stumbles toward eternal perdition. Wisdom is spurned, and lives are destroyed for lack of discernment. The news is a daily refrain of godlessness and folly. Christians should not be surprised nor shocked at the depravity of man distant from God.

The Bible shows the way to the light. It keeps man from destruction, both now and eternally. Its wisdom guides all to life that brings joy and success and opens the doors of heaven. Christians should be constantly amazed at the knowledge which God has shared with them.

Your word is a lamp to walk by,
and a light to illumine my path.
Psalm 119:105 NET

This verse makes up part of the evangelistic study we share with people, in the lesson about the Word of God. It serves to describe part of the Word’s function. In the ancient world, no electrical lighting, no street lights offered a sure step. The setting sun brought challenges to find objects or travel outside the home.

It is said that the ancients tied small lamps to the tops of their sandals as they walked the dark roads after sunset. Just enough light to provide sight for the next step.

The Bible provides us with enough knowledge of God and his ways to take the next step of faith. It is not a detailed map of our lives, but a ray of light to enable us to persevere for the moment.

Such a light may not seem strong enough to see the entire journey, but it is more than sufficient to guide us in right choices today and secure us on the journey to eternity.

The word of God is the only light for our path, for only the Bible is Spirit-inspired and God-breathed.

This is why we sit and read it with those who want a way out of darkness.

2 thoughts on “A lamp to walk by

  1. Randal,
    Very fine article…one I needed today. First, I ran out of gas and pushed my car toward a station in 106 degree temperature til an old hoary headed gentlemen stopped and pushed me with his KIA to the station (bought enough gas to get me home). Got it home and started out again, but it wouldn’t start, a neighbor came and gave me a jump with battery cables. Drove to the station, but got there too late, as they were closed 8 minutes earlier. Drove to another (much higher priced gas station and got a little gas. When I went back to the car the gas tank cap had been taken from where I left it to fill up. Drove to a Pep Boys to get a cap, but it had closed 15 minutes earlier. Drove on down the street for another parts place,O’Reilly’s and found the right tank cap…($10.00!!!). Got home exhausted and telling Sylvia “We are winning.” And I know we are or the temptations would not be so heavy these days. So the daily lamp to guide us is much in evident. But the LIGHT IS THERE. Thanks for the good writing in Forthright. Don Petty

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