New Forthright Magazine site enhances content, experience

UPDATE: It’s fascinating to see how Forthright has changed and adapted over the years. Most of these features below have ceased, and new ones — especially columnists — have been added.

The new Forthright Magazine website offers a ton of new features to enhance your online experience, as well as new content. And this is just our first count!

1. (We spun this off into a separate website: Believing Prayer.) Today’s Prayer resumes its place. It was on the old site, but had transitioned into United Prayer on Twitter. We’re studying how to meld the two, but the prayer has returned to its rightful place.

2. (No longer active.) Rob Lester has associated his Creation Faith Facts with Forthright Magazine. His faith-building material will be linked on FMag, and we’ll look at options on how to integrate further.

3. (Social media killed this, like many other good things.) The system of commenting has been installed; you should see the toolbar at the top. You can highlight words, sentences, and paragraphs as the focus of comments. It complements the normal comment system. This is experimental, to see if it will serve a good core group.

4. (Good riddance, Google! Hello, Telegram, Zap, and Mastodon!) Social media connections now facilitate sharing the articles, posts, and devotional material. We even have an option for Google+ at the bottom toolbar. The buttons and links are at top, along the bottom, in the right column, and at the end of articles. Maybe we’ve not overdone them.

5. (Don now has his own website.) Don Ruhl’s twice-daily devotional, which we call “Twice Blessed,” has been better integrated into the site. Don never misses a lick and always brings an edifying thought.

6. (Anybody heard from Mike?) As soon as we can get it set up, Mike Benson’s daily devotional KneEmail will be better integrated into the site than it was before.

7. (We let this one go, after starting up a website for it.) A feed for Quick Bible Truths has also been added to the site. These short daily zings will make you think.

8. (Still going! Use it!) The site features NET Bible Tagger, which pops up a Bible reference with a mouse-over. Then, with a click, you have at your fingertips a wealth of notes and 10 other versions on the text. Try it out on Hebrews 1:1-4.

All this means you have more and more content to build up your faith and a richer experience when you frequent the pages and posts of Forthright Magazine.

We’d love to hear your insights on the content and your perspectives on the site.

Just a reminder, also: you’ll have the best experience using browsers such as Firefox, Opera, or Chromium. (We now recommend Brave at the top of the list.)

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  1. Randal, Great looking upgrade. I am enjoying your publications very much. Awesome utilization of modern communication and connectivity. I appreciate your efforts! Oran

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