Did God Remember?

Job recounted how God had been good to him, nevertheless, in spite of Job’s creation and in spite of all the good things that God had done for Job (Job 10:8-12), it seemed to Job that God had hidden these things from Himself, “And these things You have hidden in Your heart; I know that this was with You” (Job 10:13).
Then if Job committed a sin and it was all over for him (Job 10:14). Yet, if he was righteous, he could not lift up his head (Job 10:15).
If his head was exalted, what did Job say God would do (Job 10:16, 17)?
What do you do when you think that God has forgotten the past relationship you two have had? You need to reevaluate and see whether God’s has truly forgotten, or have you just not seen the whole picture?
Be patient and watch what God does in your life.

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