Mistaken Ideas About God

You can count on the fact that the enemies of God have mistaken ideas about Him, just as Sennacherib king of Assyria did when he spoke to the Jews and accused King Hezekiah of destroying Yahweh’s places of worship, “Has not the same Hezekiah taken away His high places and His altars, and commanded Judah and Jerusalem, saying, ‘You shall worship before one altar and burn incense on it’?” (2 Chronicles 32:12).
In truth, Hezekiah had taken away the places of false worship to false gods, but Sennacherib saw it as all the same.
You do not confuse our God with idols and get away with it. Therefore, King Sennacherib paid for his mistake with the destruction of his army.
Let us strive to know God as the Bible reveals Him and do what we can to persuade our communities to believe the truth about Him.

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