Sing and Be Happy

by Paula Harrington
It never fails, the most requested song in the Kindergarten Bible Class is, “Sing and be Happy”. There are kids who ask to sing that song as soon as they arrive and rarely a Sunday morning goes by that we don’t sing it at least twice.
Too often in our lives, the skies above are dark, and even though we may face life-shattering tragedies, mostly we deal with frustrating day-to-day trials. We lock our keys in the car, have to juggle the bills, or forget to turn off the coffee pot. We chase down kids who grow up too fast and then hurt with them as they experience adult-sized problems.
Sometimes we get down. We may even cry a time or two. We encounter disasters and think that we can’t go on. We fall to our knees and ask, “Why?”
Even when devastation docks at our doorstep, it won’t be long before we realize that there are things greater than what we’re going through. There are silver linings that we never knew existed. We see God working in ways we would’ve never imagined. We witness the love of others, the encouragement of our Christian family, and the hope that comes with following Christ.
We remember that our citizenship is in a better place; a home that doesn’t offer heartache, regret, or failure. And even though we can’t see them, we live with a Father who keeps his promises and a Savior whose love knows no end.
When all seems hopeless, our thoughts drift back to those old friends who sat in a dark jail cell, unsure of what the future held but certain of who held it (Acts 16:25). Knowing that they persevered and obtained the crown of glory, we’re confident that we can, too, and like them, regardless of what we face, we can sing and be happy.
Sing and you’ll be happy today, Press along to the goal,
Trust in Him who leadeth the way, He is keeping your soul,
Let the world know where you belong, Look to Jesus and pray,
Lift your voice and praise Him in song, Sing and be happy today.

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