What Do You Do with the People You Know?

King Ahaziah of Israel injured himself badly and wanted to know what the god of Ekron said about it, whether the king would recover from his injuries. As a messenger went to make the inquiry, the Angel of the Lord sent Elijah the prophet to meet the king’s messenger and return to the king and tell him that he would die.
The messengers returned sooner than the king expected and they explained that they had met a man who told him of the outcome of his injuries. Ahaziah wondered if the man might be Elijah.
As the king questioned them, they described his appearance and Ahaziah figured out correctly that it was Elijah (2 Kings 1:7, 8).
Yet, the king did not humble himself before the prophet but demanded that he come to the king. It did not work, for the king still died.
The king knew the right man, but the king did not do the right thing with the man he knew.
You know people, but do you do the right thing with those people?

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