The Greatest Headline of All

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
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newspaper444.gifA royal couple marry. A terrorist mastermind dies by the sword. Floods and storms take lives and leave destruction behind. Some of us are affected directly by such events. Others watch or read about them from afar.
Headlines register the big happenings that supposedly affect or interest the greatest number of people. The big news sources tell stories that make the greatest difference in the quality of life, the security of our possessions, or the promise of a future for our children.
But seldom heard and almost never headlined are some of the most powerful influences in the world.
These influences often occur in dark corners, or sometimes in small groups, where television cameras do not go, where reporters never think to investigate.
You’ll not hear about these influences in doctors’ offices or down at the local cafe.
You’ll not see children pointing at them on the street nor read about them as the subject of the pundits and commentators.
Some people sleep while these influences are at work, others yawn, while many daydream.
They are not traded on Wall Street, nor are they the coin of nations, or the pursuit of tyrants and politicians.
What are these influences that never make the headlines?
The prayers of the righteous.
“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5: 16b ISV).
In heaven, such a prayer is a headline event.

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