Where's Holly?

hollybobo33.jpgTHIS WHOLE STORY just breaks my heart…
I don’t even want to imagine the anguish her parents have endured. Every time I see her mother in the news and listen to her impassioned pleas, I’m forced to stifle my own tears.
It’s been two agonizing weeks and still no word about the whereabouts or welfare of Holly Bobo. Holly is the 20-year-old nursing student from Darden, Tennessee who disappeared from her home the morning of April 13th.
Her brother, Clint, remembers seeing a man leading Holly into the woods nearby that morning. He mistakenly assumed it was her boyfriend until he stepped outside the house and discovered blood in the carport. By then the only thing he could do was call 911.
Holly was last seen wearing a pink shirt and light blue jeans. Her abductor was wearing camouflage, stands around 6 feet tall and weighs around 200 pounds.
According to reports, authorities found Holly’s white lunch box by a creek about six miles from her home. TBI officials also recently discovered her cell phone on the side of Highway 69 and another, yet undisclosed item.
As I’ve pondered this tragic incident, I can’t help but be struck by the number of local residents who have helped in the search for Holly. Virtually every day since her abduction, volunteers have combed the countryside around Decatur County trying to find anything that might lead them to this young lady.
Some days literally hundreds of folks have taken to the woods and farm land in and around the community. Even now, one group of friends and relatives meets together each morning for prayer, and then devotes the balance of their day in this desperate quest.
Brethren, may I ask a few heart-probing questions for your personal consideration? Why don’t we see this same passion for those who have fallen from the Lord (Romans 10.1-2)? Why don’t we have volunteers who are combing the surrounding area for loved ones in the Faith who have been abducted by the Evil one (Luke 22.31)?
Why is it that that a lost life breaks our hearts and moves us to action, but a lost and wayward soul has little or no impact on our collective conscience (Jude 1.23)?
Why is it that we even know the whereabouts of many of our spiritual kin who have quit the church, but we do little if anything to contact them and share our concerns? There is NOTHING more important than a person’s soul (Matthew 16.26)!
I’m heart sick about Holly. My own two daughters–one a year older, one a year younger, grew up in the very same community as Holly. They attended the same school, participated in some of the same activities, and knew some of the same people.
To have your beautiful daughter stolen away, to not know if she’s living or dead; I simply can’t fathom the anxiety and burden Holly’s parents have had to bear. I’ve often lain in my bed at night and wondered where Holly might be. Imagine, the sleepless nights, if you dare, that Mr. and Mrs. Bobo have endured.
Brethren, what keeps you up at night? What pricks the depths of your heart? What touches, affects, and moves your spirit? Where’s brother George? Where’s sister Sally? Loved ones have been missing–for months, some even years. They must be found–before it’s too late (Luke 19.10)!

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