By Stan Mitchell
carlights33.jpg“The prudent see danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it” (Proverbs 27:12, ESV).
Some friends of mine were driving down the highway at night, pulling a trailer behind their car. Their little two year-old had an “emergency,” so they pulled over to the side of the highway, put on their hazard lights and began to attend to little Wayne’s emergency.
It was then that a car came over the rise, and plowed straight into their car. Thankfully no one was hurt — they were extremely fortunate — but in the aftermath the policeman asked the erring driver the obvious question: “Why didn’t you slow down?”
The answer was simple. “I saw all those lights, and I was confused!”
Confused? If you’re confused by what you see on the highway, then all the more reason to slow down until your confusion is resolved.
A lot of people live that way, it seems. Heedless of warning signs, advice from friends and guidance from God, they tear down life’s highway, ignoring all the indications of danger. They simply “keep going” and “suffer for it.”
When you see those flashing lights, slow down, look carefully, and think over your next move.

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