Your Comfort Zone

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
Someone created and popularized the phrase, “comfort zone,” evidently with the idea of helping people identify and then expand the area in which they felt comfortable in performing a given activity.
The phrase recognizes that we all have fields of action and influence, areas in which we live and work, people we talk to and guide, specializations in which we excel.
The idea of a comfort zone also came with the suggestion of expanding that area. Getting out of the comfort zone is a way of saying that we often limit ourselves, to our and others’ detriment.
Christians constantly explode their comfort zones, because their Lord has set the limits to their field of action. “The field is the world,” Jesus said in Matthew 13:38.
The world represents for us a constant exit from our confines into a wider stream of human activity, in order to touch an ever broadening circle of souls.
So when country hicks from Podunk wind up in Poland, or a preacher from Milk Springs goes to the Republic of Malta, or a sister from Bullfrog Valley teaches a person from Bulgaria through a Bible course, no one should be surprised. Gratitude for the gospel and love for the Lord serve as powerful motivators to widen one’s field of action.
So draw a picture of your comfort zone. Then see yourself stepping out of it for the gospel.

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