Turning Away a Good Man

King Saul committed many sins, making a sad beginning for the first of the kings of Israel. One thing that saddens me was his devotion to killing David to where eventually David left Israel and joined the Philistines, the devoted enemy of Israel.
Sadly David had to so work while with the Philistines that he made it look like he was attacking Israel when in truth he was attacking other enemies of Israel, but he would report back to the king of the Philistines of supposed raids against Israel (1 Samuel 27:9–11), and Achish, king of the Philistines believed David’s reports, leading Achish to say, “He has made his people Israel utterly abhor him; therefore he will be my servant forever” (1 Samuel 27:12).
I have often wondered whether we have unintentionally driven people away from the church, driving them to the enemies of the church, because sometimes we can be petty, selfish, and intolerant of anyone who disagrees with us, making us look and sound just like King Saul.
Let us learn to have the spirit of David and not King Saul.

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