The Virgin Birth

by John Henson
babyjesus33.jpgThe best defense of the deity of Jesus in my library is within the pages of Rex A. Turner, Sr.’s scholarly work entitled “Systematic Theology” where he wrote an amazing 16-page exposition of the virgin birth of Christ.
Turner begins his defense by saying, “there were three classes of errorists who vehemently denied the doctrine of the virgin birth ? namely, the Ebionites, the Docetics, and the Cerinthians.”
Turner wrote the virgin birth has been continually attacked for the last three hundred years by rationalists, modernists and scientists who believe the doctrine has no basis in natural law or the laws of uniformity.
The reason why attacks on the virgin birth continue is that it points to the supernatural. If Jesus was born as any other man, he was just a man. If, however, the virgin birth is true, then Jesus is, indeed, God the Son and divine.
Turner’s conclusions review the many pages of his defense. There are six of them summarized here:
1. If Jesus was begotten of God, then he held a supernatural advantage over man from the beginning.
2. If Jesus was begotten of God, then he was/is deity and died in the place of fallen man.
3. If there was no virgin birth, then the deity of Christ would be relegated to the region of the wildest surmises, fantasies and imaginations of the human mind.
4. Rejecting the virgin birth rejects Jesus as more than what any other man is or may become.
5. Rejecting the virgin birth rejects the authority and infallibility of the scriptures.
6. Rejecting the virgin birth embraces a system of Christless Christianity.
In next week’s article, proofs for the virgin birth of Christ will be presented.

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