One More Dilemma

by Paula Harrington
sprainankle44.jpgA few weeks ago, my husband severely sprained his ankle. What we thought was going to be a routine week was suddenly filled with doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, and crutches.
As we waited for hours in another doctor’s office, exhaustion and worry began to set in. What are we going to do if he is off work for an extended amount of time? Is it really sprained or could it be broken? How long will he be in pain?
Later, as the nurse helped us into our car she turned to me and remarked, “One more dilemma.”
There isn’t any one in the Bible who didn’t encounter their share of various dilemmas. Whether it was the story of Job, that we’re all familiar with, in the Old Testament or the Apostle Paul in the New, the Word of God is full of regular people dealing with the trials of life.
One of my favorite stories centers on a group of guys who had seen great things. The sick had been healed (Luke 5:13), the lame had been made to walk (Luke 5: 24), a boy who had been dead was brought to life and given back to his mother (Luke 7:14).
Yet when the weather turned severe, exhaustion and worry set in (Luke 8:22-26). They went to Jesus much like we do and asked, “Don’t you care what’s going on here?”
I wonder if he feels the same way with us sometimes as he did with his Apostles when he replied, “Where is your faith?”
Our Savior may not always step in and calm the fierce wind or raging sea like he did that day but just because he won’t, doesn’t mean, he doesn’t care.
Those rough weeks are passed now and my husband is back to work and much better. However, I’m certain there will be one more dilemma, one more obstacle on the way to Heaven.
I know I’m in a spiritual war. I know the Devil will use whatever he can to tempt and discourage. Dilemmas are his business and he is good at what he does.
However, I know that God is much greater than my problems and with prayer and time in his word; they’ll diminish and lose their power.
If you’re not going through a trying time right now, then you either just finished with one or you’re getting ready to face another. Don’t fret; introduce your dilemma to your Jesus. Problems may not be solved but they will most definitely be manageable

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