The Influence of Men

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
• Jeff Jenkins and Dale Jenkins today launched The Jenkins Institute in honor of their father Jerry. It will focus many of their efforts with seminars, gospel meetings, writing, and publications. Take a look at the website and the many offerings available there.
• was privileged to publish Jeff’s story about the Institute simultaneously with their website going on the air. We thank them for their kindness in allowing us to share in this moment important to their service to the Lord.
• Shortly, later today or tomorrow, we should publish on several reactions to the Methodist professor’s article, “Why the Churches of Christ Were Right After All.”
• March was a great month for most of the Forthright/GoSpeak ministries and websites. The work continues to grow and we’re thankful to the Lord for letting us serve in the kingdom.
• What websites besides Forthright Magazine, you ask? Here’s the list of the major efforts:

• Over 100 people are involved directly in these efforts. We thank God for every contribution of sisters and brothers who lend their time and energies to the kingdom. Some have been plugging away with us for well over a decade. Others have signed on more recently to bring their fresh insights to bear.
• The news about Fred and Joy House’s murder in Fulton, Miss., saddened us. Fred was a retired preacher, and the outpouring of prayers and grief was great. Our condolences to their family in this moment of shock and loss.
• Have you ever had a moment when it seemed that the pieces to the puzzle were falling into place? I’ve had that sensation over the past few days. It’s a good one, is it not? Of course, our faith remains constant in God, whether circumstances cooperate with our expectations or life seems to be a balloon cut loose from its guy ropes at the mercy of the winds.
• President Obama visited Brazil last month. Before he arrived, the exchange rate for the dollar rose. After he left, it dropped below what it had been before. His visit serves as a reminder that the influence of men varies and wanes. The power of the gospel, however, is ever constant. Jesus is always with his people to empower them for their mission in the world. He said, “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20b NET). Isn’t that our greatest comfort and strength?

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