By Michael E. Brooks
freedom43.jpg“All the kings of the earth shall praise you, O Lord, when they hear the words of your mouth” (Psalm 138:4 NKJV).
For hundreds of years Nepal proudly proclaimed itself as the world’s only Hindu Kingdom. However in 2007 within the space of a few months the king was deposed and the description “Hindu” was removed from the name of the nation. These changes resulted from more than ten years of revolution within the nation. Nepal today is a secular democracy.
For most of those years the king and government rejected all warnings and boldly presented confidence that their position was strong and the rebels would soon be defeated. The end, when it came was swift and decisive. Despite protests to the contrary, the reality was that the majority of the people wanted change and eventually those in power were forced to acknowledge and bow to reality.
Similar situations prevail today in northern Africa. Tunisian and Egyptian dictators have already fallen. Libya’s leader is struggling mightily to remain in power. Whatever the outcome there and elsewhere, it is true that it must conform to the reality of circumstances within each nation. Victory will come to those to whom the greatest power belongs.
The Psalmist declared, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God'” (Psalm 14:1). Throughout the world men proudly proclaim their own intelligence and wisdom, denying any need of a Divine Power, and rejecting the existence of such. Others profess faith in idols, demons, or other “gods” rejecting the God of the Bible, the Creator of all the earth.
Some believe in one true God, but reject Jesus as Son of God and savior of the world. Other books are viewed as holy, and the claims of the Bible are rejected.
The Bible itself states that the day will come when truth is revealed and when the existence and nature of God, Christ and the Bible will be undeniable. As the Psamist stated in the verse quoted above, all kings will confess God when his voice is heard.
Or as Paul prophesied, “At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, of thoe in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (Philippians 2:10-11).
Even the demons beneath the earth will admit reality.
Jesus stated, “You shall know the truth” (John 8:32). Certainly he is stating this as a promise to those who are genuine seekers, with hearts and minds open to the revelation of God. But is this statement also not a grim warning to those who resist such knowledge?
The seeker will learn truth and be set free from sin. The obstinate, however, will be confronted with truth and will be forced to accept their doom.
Our God is real. The gospel of salvation in Jesus is true. The Bible is inspired, and teaches us all we must know to receive eternal life. One may turn to those truths and be blessed, or reject them at his own peril. However, the time will come when all will understand reality.

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