The Results of Belief and Obedience

Zacharias doubted Gabriel when he brought good news for the priest that he would have a son. Gabriel also instructed the priest that he should name his son John. Then the angel struck the priest with the inability to speak until the time for naming the baby arrived.
When Elizabeth sought to name her own child John, everyone objected, because that was not in the family, but when the people asked Zacharias for the name, he wrote down that the boy’s name was John. Then something happened.
“Immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he spoke, praising God” (Luke 1:64).
Zacharias finally believed and did as he had been told, which gave him back the ability to speak and that made him praise God.
Have you been doubting God? Have you delayed obeying Him? Do you see now that you need to start believing all that He says and start obeying all that He commands?

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