I Teach the Bible

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
The Army lieutenant works full-time in helicopter maintenance. He’s married, studies English privately, and takes other classes. He stays as busy as anybody, but there’s one thing he’s always able to make time for: evangelism.
Last December Humberto baptized Fabia, a marketer for an English language school, who called his number to offer English courses. He offered her a Bible study. They studied the Bible, and she decided to follow Christ.
Last week, Humberto and Aline started studying with a couple, the husband of which work with him on the military base.
Yesterday, yet another study that Humberto had set up with his English teacher fell through, but he felt certain she’d sit down with them to study, if only to avoid embarrassment.
Humberto doesn’t invite people to church; he invites them to study the Bible in their home. He knows the chances to get them to church are slim, and even at that, they’d not get an organized presentation of the gospel.
His objective is to study privately with people. He tells them, “I teach the Bible.”
Indeed, he does.
Humberto knows that only when people come in contact with the Word of God will they be convicted of their sin, convinced to follow Jesus, and transformed into the image of Christ.
Humberto has no special advantage of education, opportunity, or natural talent. He’s a regular guy who enjoys playing soccer with friends, telling jokes, and eating pizza.
One thing, however, he is sure of: that the Lord Jesus wants every Christian to be a soul-winner. He has set about to be one. The Lord has made him into an evangelist.
Humberto’s example is worthy of imitation. By us all.
“The fruit of the righteous is like a tree producing life, and the one who wins souls is wise” (Proverbs 11:30 NET).

3 thoughts on “I Teach the Bible

  1. May God increase the tribe of Humberto and those who are seeking to teach God’s word but let us be careful about not assembling with the saints to worship the Father. If the message being taught there is uncertain or contrary to the word then maybe you need to start a faithful assembly of the Lord’s people.
    But it is also important to realize that not all differences are unscriptural some are just cultural differences. There are certain things that are not open to discussion however such as singing without instruments, baptism of repentant believers for remission of sins, prayer through the Son, Lord’s Supper using unleavened bread and fruit of the vine (not crackers and Sprite, etc.), giving to support God’s work, teaching of the gospel message, and silence of women during the assembly except for singing praises to God, and male leadership for the body.
    I do not think these things are optional and are important to faithful service to God. Beside this assemble to worship and go out to serve. People will not care much about what you teach if you do not show them how much you care about them.

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