Forthright makes changes, updates

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
update44.jpgOver the next several days, the editors and webmaster of Forthright Magazine will move the website to a new software. The site will be more responsive, and the format will get a facelift.
Expect some downtime. Any offline time, however, should be momentary. The email list will continue to function independently of the website.
The website domain address will continue the same at
The new WordPress software will provide greater flexibility and control. The old software has served us well since 2005, when Kevin Cauley and Eddie Watkins set up the ezine on the Berryville, Ark., church’s website, transitioning from the previous host at
In spite of the inevitable glitches, this move means another step forward to serve you better and to reach more students of the Word. May the Lord be pleased.

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