The Israelites Could Have Made the Priests Fat

When the Israelites sinned, or made an offering of some kind because they wanted to honor God, they brought those sacrifices to the priests, and of those sacrifices, the Bible says this, “And the LORD spoke to Aaron: ‘Here, I Myself have also given you charge of My heave offerings, all the holy gifts of the children of Israel; I have given them as a portion to you and your sons, as an ordinance forever…'” (Numbers 18:8-14).
The more the Israelites sinned, the more sacrifices they should have brought, and the more they wished to worship God, the more sacrifices they should have brought, so that the priests and their families would be eating all the time.
However, as they sinned more, they would probably have worshiped less, and the more they would have worshiped the less they would have sinned, so that everything equaled out.
The Lord knows how to do things, making sure that we always have what we need.

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