The Tribulations of a Drunk

by Stan Mitchell
“Who has woe, who has sorrow? Who has strife? Who has complaining? Who has wounds without cause? Who has redness of eyes?”(Proverbs 23:29,ESV).
These verses take on the form of a riddle. Who is this tragic figure that suffers so? Was he ambushed by bandits, or hit blind side by a runaway train? Where did the bruises and headache come from? The answer is in the next verse:
“Those who tarry long over wine; those who go to try mixed wine” (Proverbs 23:30).
Each phrase describes beautifully the tribulations of a drunk. The tone is humorous, but the humor is employed in a very serious task. Alcohol is often depicted as causing people to behave in a suave, sophisticated manner. The exact opposite is, in fact true. The drunk’s actions would be funny if he didn’t look so silly, and if his actions did not cause such suffering.
Although illegal drugs are undeniably dangerous, and have been the cause of much suffering in modern society, there has been profoundly more suffering from the legal drug, alcohol.
From battered children to unemployment to auto accidents, alcohol has caused more tragedy than all the other addictions combined.
The commercials show a hero with a girl on each arm. However, they forget to tell you about the drunk in the ditch with a hangover!

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