First Things First

by Paula Harrington
child_praying1.jpgAt the beginning of every Kindergarten Bible Class, we make a list of those we want to pray for. Once we’ve filled the board with names of sick friends, beloved grandparents, and even favorite pets, we then write all the things we’re thankful for so that we don’t forget to thank God for our many blessings. We do all this while trying to stay in our seats and keep our hands to ourselves.
Our recent Sunday morning class was no different. After I reminded one little friend to stay in his seat and work on his own coloring sheet (and not his neighbors), we all bowed our heads and the special helper for the day began a heartfelt prayer.
As soon as it was over, the student who had been reminded to stay in his seat earlier came out of it. With a full voice and a pointed finger, he declared, “They weren’t praying! Their heads weren’t bowed. They were coloring! You need to get them in trouble!”
I tried not to smile but his ferocity was amusing.
“Really?” I answered. “How do you know that?”
He seemed to calm down as he pondered my question, unsure if he really wanted to answer it or not.
We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’re quick to judge, zealous to point a finger, or too eager to call out the faults of someone else. Too many times, we bypass the love of Christ and slide right into righteous judgment with a side order of indignation without even blinking an eye.
Jesus admonished us to make our hearts right with God (Matthew 7:5) before focusing on the lives of others and how different the world would be if we heeded his words.
Today, work on your relationship with God. Spend time in prayer, in meditation, and in the Word and then go help others.
We can change the world, but we must start with ourselves.

One thought on “First Things First

  1. Paula I love this, I can relate to this. It has encouraged me to spend time with the Lord by meditating and praying

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