Bibles, versions, sharing, and friends

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
• In his book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing without Organizations, Clay Shirky write, “We are living in the middle of a remarkable increase in our ability to share, to cooperate with one another, and to take collective action, all outside the framework of traditional institutions and organizations.” The Forthright/GoSpeak team is seeking to take advantage of that increased ability.
• Our coworker Barbara Ann Oliver is waiting to meet you and share the Forthright Press offerings with you at our booth at the Freed-Hardeman Bible Lectureship this week. Be sure to look her up. We hear that snow has come yet again to the event.
• Our managing editor Richard Mansel is in his last week of physical therapy in Jacksonville, Fla. It’s been a great benefit to him, from what he tells us. On Friday he returns to his Georgia home. We look forward to turning the magazine work back over to him. He’s been a key player in moving Forthright forward over the past several years.
• In 2011, the Brazilian Bible Society will print its 100 millionth copy of Scripture, be it the whole Bible or a portion thereof. Other groups and publishers also print and distribute the Bible. All over the world, the Bible is available as never before. Now, on the Internet and in electronic format, just about everyone can read the Bible. What a blessing!
• All that means we’ve come a long way since the 400 years of the King James Version. Those eminent translators could never have guessed what the future would hold. We imagine they’d be pleased.
• We wonder what brotherhood offerings are available online for Bible versions. We’re aware of the HTHBible site. Roy Davison also provides a site that serves as a focal point for information about the Revised Standard Version, though not the actual RSV text. Do you know of any Bible versions online offered by brotherhood sites? Let us know at
Quick Bible Truths is a effort to get out the gospel before the people, Twitter-style. These make great zingers, fillers, or starters. Here are a few to give you a feel for this service:

  • If God is mine, all else is icing on the cake. “‘My portion is the Lord,’ I said to myself, so I will put my hope in him.” Lm 3.24 NET
  • Grace becomes license when people deny, in practice, that Jesus is Master and Lord. Jd 4
  • After the second feeding of the multitude, Jesus heals a man in two stages. The blind m sees, but will the disciples? Mk 8.22-26
  • – Spontaneity may not be an act of inner sincerity; it may well be an impulse of carnal desire. Cl 3.5
  • Where there is faith, things happen. God acts. People stir. “By faith Abraham obeyed.” Hb 11.8

• Finally, this thought from our brother Jorge, who taught our Bible class Sunday morning, Feb. 6: “If your best friend is not a Christian, you’re in trouble.” Indeed!

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