by John Henson
Atheists have had their darlings and champions, all of which have fallen before the truth.
Preacher-turned-atheist Dan Barker, a former “ordained pastor” and Pentecostal preacher and the darling of atheism everywhere, has advanced his atheistic thinking by attacking God and offering his conception of the Almighty as a comedic figure.
Barker, who goes from college campus to college campus regaling mostly sympathetic groups with how the Bible is contradictory and God is a murderer, says morality comes from the relativistic thoughts of men, and that it could not come from God who is a murderer and a bully.
In off-the-cuff remarks to a Cleveland State University group on April 24, 2010, Barker criticized the idea that laws come from the Ten Commandments, saying the law never originated from the Bible or from following rules.
Barker, with the finesse of a professional comedian, made statements like, “If I were God and if I had written the Ten Commandments, I’d have made sure they were written on the moon.”
But during a February 2009 debate with Kyle Butt, of Apologetics Press, Barker made an unsuccessful attack on God by listing more than a dozen of alleged inconsistencies of God and the Bible. In that debate, Barker met someone who knew the scriptures and God much better than he did.
In short, Barker relied on the same broken arguments others have tried to advance.
Atheism has brought forth champions like Antony Flew and Warren Matson. Most of their current heroes stay away from the polemic platform. But, when one like Barker comes along, he resorts to the same tired attacks, appeals to the “problem of evil,” and to the idea that atheism can produce a system of morality as all the others.
To those supposed atheistic whiz kids to come, we say, “Next!”

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